We Need Your Support Now More than Ever

Santa Clara We Need Your HelpWe proudly protect our communities, children, and families, despite the difficult year the brave men and women of Law Enforcement has had to face. It is not an easy job, but we wear our badge with a humble pride and seek to make the community we share a safer place to live and work. That’s why I am asking for your help.At the time you receive this letter there have been 138 line of duty deaths of Law Enforcement officers across the US, and officer's killed by gun fire is up 72% from last year. ......
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Press Release: Statement from the Mayor

SCPOA Press Release mayor

Statement from the Mayor of Santa Clara

SCPOA Press Release mayor

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SCPOA Response to Mayor Gillmor’s Statement

SCPOA thank you to mayorSCPOA thank you to mayor

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POA letter to the 49ers

SCPOA 49ers letter

SCPOA 49ers letterThe POA has drafted a letter that has been delivered to the San Francisco 49ers headquarters.  The PDF has been uploaded to the POA website and is in the documents section of the members site.  A copy is also posted on the POA board at the station.

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Funeral for SJPD Officer Katherman #3900

Hello Members,

Memorial services for SJPD Officer Michael Katherman #3900 will be held at the SAP Center on Tuesday, June 21st at 1100 hours. Our hearts go out to SJPD and his family!


Frank Saunders 

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